Produced by Ray Manzarek

Hey there. Yvonne here in the warm and fuzzy 1st person. Granted, I am thankful for all the site development by my geek buddies who will not allow me to name them (him) for fear of retribution from real clients who pay well and expect the work done yesterday. But alas, the geeks are here with me and for me.  Thus, as we discuss content and whilst I am the writer amongst us  and the website is mine, in order to capture a concept suggested by my favorite geeks, I must write for the team and therefore often I write from my other self, the 3rd person. The team is a good thing as is the 3rd person. Together they keep me writing and focused at the same time. If you’re a poet you know what I mean by that. Together they keep it factual avoiding that self indulgent and wicked pleasure in my signature run on sentences, a reflection of poetic license.  without my license, together we strive for proper punctuation. ugh.

Now, I am capable of many things, but patience is never with me when I’m locked into a screen resolution glare for hours trying to figure out a store for my site where listeners can download tracks for a buck or under. I am grateful for any help I can get and that applies to every thing I do, from here in the virtual reality to physical labor on the farm where the geeks dare not tread, lest they should wander into the chicken poop I mean chicken coop and get their cleats packed good with the wondrous fertilizer.

For this category, “produced by Ray Manzarek” I’d like to tell you my story myself, about meeting Ray, working with him and hanging out with him and Dorothy. I can’t tell it in 3rd person, nor would another writer be able to tell the story with the same memories I hold dear to my heart. Ray Manzarek was a one of a kind human being. He gave me a satchel full of magic beans that changed my life and I guarded my friendship with him, it had to be guarded in that legend status he walked with. The fans at his age were harmless I liked to think, wishing and blessing him and his family with divine security since the reality is that fans is short for fanatic and well, in one name… John Lennon okay?

Here I ‘ll also include links and soon come, the store. Links to Ray and Michael McClure. Ray and Michael C Ford poet and dear friend. Michael C Ford was asked by Ray to play the bass with the band, in which Michael C answered, “Hell no, I’m not going to play in no band called the Doors because first of all, a car only has 4 doors and I would be the 5th wheel and secondly and most important, is that you can play the bass with your left hand and real good too, you don’t need me!” classic, eh? I love Michael C. Ford. I’ve got great stories from Michael C that I’ll share as time goes on here.  

I’m on Number One Music (N1M) and Reverbnation. At Number 1 Music I am ranked #1 for Spoken Word in Los Angeles. Of course, these are the tracks I collaborated with legendary  Ray . It is for the listeners at N1M that we have to set up a store. I’ve received numerous requests for more recorded works that can be got somewhere. I’m thinking about a crowd funder to record an album. I mean do it right, don’t get me wrong I dig the desktop producer I’ve become but let me tell you, magic moments alone …are they magical? Magic moments in the studio with all the right gear and blazing engineers and talented  producers under a collaborative setting with like minded artists of greater genius and skills for days is, without question, simply divine.

Okay, more to come, thanks for your patience. Check back! -yvonne

N1M! Yvonne de la Vega (click)