Poetry & Music Production for Wordbeat

Yvonne de la Vega loves poetry with music. She has produced several poems with music and they can be found all over the internet.

Yvonne is very proud of the poetry she has produced for other poets. She encourages her peers to swing the spoken word and has gone out of her way to seek out their spoken word, produce it over some tune she thought relative and has often written beats or grooves for the same reason, to enhance the spoken word.

When hosting the popular podcast  Wordbeat, L.A.’s Poetry & Music Hotspot with co-hosts Milo Martin and John Blyth Barrymore on blogtalk radio, she realized there was a limited amount of spoken word with music that she thought was radio worthy. Aside from Ellyn Maybe and Rich Ferguson both Angeleno Poets as well, there weren’t too many Los Angeles poets that were recorded. So Yvonne set up her recording studio and got to work. Most of the work can be heard at WordBeat Remix on Bandcamp  

Just a few of Yvonne’s favorite poets and tracks:

“Malcolm Is” by Merilene Murphy  remixed with “Ghostface Killah – Malcolm”






“Genius” by S.A. Griffin 

S.A. Griffin’s poem “Genius” mixed with “Genius” by Ray Charles.




Pleasant Gehman’s “She Was So Bad” remixed with Kenny Burrell. Pleasant Gehman is known journalist, poet, author, dancer and tarot reader. Visit her at www.pleasantgehman.com  



These are only a few. AtWordBeat Remix on Bandcamp   you’ll find Milo Martin, Michael Rothenberg,  Eloise Klein Healy and more.

A few of Yvonne’s poetry & music songs are also there for a listen.