Beautiful, harmonious, precious

I won’t be a Thanksgiving snob and wear a feather in my hair,  although I know the Sovereign Nation and Indigenous peoples have way better food today than anyone and it’s because they get extra blessed for the memories they have  had to endure as the first peoples victimized by the Bad Guys of this land, America.

I won’t write poetry about my ingrate dog ex-boyfriend, because I did that on Tuesday.

Nor will I find a subtle way to say FUCK BLACK FRIDAY, everyone should be taking their fat butts over to skid row with all of the leftovers that will probably just go bad wrapped up in the fridge. call it FAT ASS FRIDAY.


Today I am thankful for 3 things. Those things are Beauty, Harmony, and Preciousness. I only have time to give you the Beauty experience that started my day, but after dinner with the family I’ll tell you about Harmony and Precious.

I’m not sure why I’m led to write this but it’s unfolding for me as well and I rather enjoy this conduit existence I live. Everything is what it is as they come.

Reactions to these unfoldings these days, and as I get older are less dramatic physically but my heart has never changed. When something is amiss, it hurts my heart. But always, when something is amiss, and I mean everything that has ever been amiss, there is always Beauty nearby whether I get to discover it or not, it is there, Somewhere.

I can’t explain further, you have to see this for yourself. The following story is so sad and nearly tragic. If it were me, I wonder if I would have been able to find the right answer… But then, in the story, during the saddest part, Beauty steps in.


I found joy in a sad story that moved me to tears because of the Beauty. You have to go there yourself and you’ll see what I mean. Happy Thanksgiving.  -yvonne

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