Thanksgiving for Dogs and Ingrates


my dear aphrodite

so you had a shitty year.

the past 4 years really.

what are you thankful for you wonder

and you go down the list of the usual suspects

thankful for the money tree in the back yard

thankful for the fresh fruit the vegetables and their

antioxidant terminators of the free radical nation

within your damaged sanctuary.


thankful for the true nature of men which is canine

full on full out they can’t stop with the bone bury fix

which makes you thankful for the quality alone time.

thankful that they always return like a good dog

who said dogs were loyal?

yeah loyal until they smell the barbecue

not around here but

somewhere out there

where dogs go.


they go

they return

the return is the loyal part.


Thanksgiving for Dogs and Ingrates.

Ironically, on Turkey Day

you silly doggy DON”T get the bone

the family is around and too near

be a good dog

why no bone?

family too in your face and

turkey bone will kill you

it splinters.

that bone you need you want

you cant

you aint

gonna get that

be thankful donkey dog

that you ever get a bone.

you don’t get no bone bury because

you have to be thankful this day

this day you be thankful for

warm cozy always there

always smell like you still a puppy

and everything is nice and play time is funny

and you like to










Thanksgiving for Dogs and Ingrates

are 2-fold

There be nothing you are thankful for

due to itemized entitlements that overshadow

those atomized sacrifices that female is always making

so you are thankful even though

she is supposed to be that

man helper

whydogsburybonesman fucker

man massage my neck upper

spinal spurs

that man pleaser

that smiling sweet and

soft all of her

soft and smiling for you

just because you return


she makes that turkey

she is that thankful female

she recites all the blessings she is thankful for and

your name is on the list

she thanks the lord for you

she thanks you for the this and the that

still you want nothing more

than to leave that tired bitch

who over loves you talks too much

when you are fantasizing on other bones to bury

but you ingrateful doggy do find thankful that

it is out of your control and you may go

but you return.

You aren’t really thankful

but today is the day we are to evaluate all

things in your life that go under the thankful heading

and tomorrow you can go hanky thanky

when all the thanky panky are wrapped

in foil in the fridge the in your face family

drove away in their big SUV waving and

teary eyed thanking and bleary fried and

the bitch mate depressed that the real

love is driving back to that return place

that they go to
and the Ingrate is leaving to go find

a place to bury his bone

he’ll be back she knows

thankful that he bounced

tired of his old tricks

dead dog

she smiles sweet

dead dog

why bother kicking

dead dog

let it lay

dead weight


she muses that the thanksgiving ritual

has a shelf life

the tv returns

to always on

and the outer limits

is a reality she calls quality

alone in the unlimited me time

Wake up aphrodite

the guru on your shoulder says

just stay in the moment

stay in the moment

be thankful for nothing

and in that nothing to be thankful for

you find

a moment can be

a universe of wealth

a galaxy of memory

you are human

be that weak and

fragile female with no iris garden in your heart

it pumps yet and grew steel callouses instead

and the armor is locked upon you

not a chastity lock you wish bitch

this be the final lock on patina blue gates

in the wall around your ever gullible heart

still all is well on Aryadne’s island

where the temple fumes got you

thinking you are thankful and

wondering if a tortured prisoner

is thankful for the moments in-between

the peeling back of your ribcage one bone at a time

the goddess unseen through the gaping cave

from where butterflies once flew out of in the hundreds

and now only termites swarm from your within

followed by the radar of little white bats and

now all inside you is out

center arena

and you are thankful

for his return because

he has brought the suture

in ironic butterfly stitching

a bag of  ice  is two-fold

ice to quagulate

blood drip drip dripping

on your blessings for the day.

and ice for a perfect bloody mary

for your own spinal spurs

Magdalena and Aphrodite

have returned and you

are three-fold to reflect on

Thanksgiving for Dogs and Ingrates


This too

shall come

to pass.






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