There Will Be No Survivors

Hands up don't shoot photo by Scott Olsen

Hands up don’t shoot
photo by Scott Olsen

oh dear what could the matter be

and don’t fear

we are in very good company

the attorney

the judge

the good cop

the bad cop

jury of feral cats

and disloyal dogs

who are really

no one’s best friend

midget men in blue sang marching

singing what sounded like

death to mother’s garden

when will the orders from on high change?

will a killer in uniform

ever be found guilty?

will a father ever find justice

for his murdered son?

a death that found his mother

so grief ridden

that every rose every iris

all the kale and zucchini

even the hard core mint

every lady bug and praying mantis

in her perfect and thankful garden –

all these things growing under her care –

began a ballet depicting

simultaneous death wilting ever so slowly

slow due to the disbelief and

simultaneously due to the belief

that would have relayed a spark unto

the narrowing

the lingering

and hopeless will to live

replaced suddenly by

the depressed incapability

to survive.

with her only unconditional love?

the love is gone from her

she cannot give what has been taken away

and the marriage won’t survive

because the madness

caused by the loss

by the injustice

by the forced status of

being the survivors of their only child

who was shot down by

midget men in blue sang marching

singing what sounded like

death to mother’s garden

"Hands Up - Don't Shoot" from

“Hands Up – Don’t Shoot” from

men with a license to kill

men following orders

men who were never

head probed for hereditary

killer genes

who were not psychologically tested

for the necessary stability needed

to wear that uniform

sport that badge

drive that car of superiority

sound that siren of commanding

hoist that automatic

and pull that obedient trigger

be ten feet tall with the long long arm

but who shrank and shriveled to model after thier stained souls

who became the midget men

that trigger happy small pawn

for there is

no height

no marksman needed

fo triggering at

at close range

to bring the fatal stop to the

beating heart of a young man

the only son

the only child

of the loving good neighbors

the responsible soccer mom

the let’s go fishing dad

the proud and nurturing

doting mommy and

best friend dad of

the reciprocal loving son

who was doing what he did every day,

he walked by the liquor store

on his way home from night school

he had agreed to attend

he had agreed to become

the doctor in the family

and today there will be no doctor

and today

there will be no tomorrow

there will be no justice

no hope

no love

no peace

no son

and in this family

there will be no survivors.

~ Yvonne de la Vega




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