Facebook etiquette on event invites

Dear Facebook friends in other cities or countries or mindsets…

I apologize for sending you a Los Angeles event invite when you are so far away. Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 3.14.13 PMIts just that I found a “facebook invite all your friends at once hack”, and you know, we’re all busy busy busy this time of year and you got invited because a hack is hack.
It could be my way of also letting you know what we’re up to in these parts. And it’s cooler than a “poke”. Wouldn’t you say? But you know what? Its not necessary for you to take the facebook time to “decline” my invitation, unless it bugs you. And if you’re a friend, just tell me it bugs you. I’ll make an effort to be sure and find you in my 2600 plus friends and uncheck you next time I use the very helpful hack that makes us gig doers very happy indeed.

Here’s a link to the wonderful thank you lord for the ‘time saver hack’, hack. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Code-to-invite-all-friends-to-a-eventpage/169258573166847

When I get the notification that you “declined” my invitation, it bugs me … just sayin. And your decline doesn’t show up anywhere except in my way too sensitive overthinking jumbled ball of mush in my skull and in my chest put there by not sensitive, overthinkers with no soft parts.

hey – I might do it again in the future because there might be something you do want to come to, that I invited youScreen Shot 2014-12-19 at 3.36.48 PM to. Now – If in your head your thinking, “What? I’d never go.” then you should take the facebook time to unfriend me. I probably won’t notice. You should just ignore event invites you can’t attend. I do. If I do decline I leave a nice note of love or encouragement. Most of the time, I accept the invitation even if I can’t make it. It’s the nicer thing to do. I have a friend Leonard on the East Coast that always says he coming out to see me. It makes me smile. And Jack Varnell in Atlantic City. He’s always coming out. And my cousin Claire in the Phillippines. Isn’t it sweet?

But I do notice when these notifications come up saying David DECLINED your invitation, Rosa lalablah DECLINED your invitation, and yet there is no comment that says “I’ll be there in Spirit” or “Break a leg”. It’s disturbing. Please forgive me for being a hack. I’ll might always be there in spirit too, I think. So listen, break a leg and decline from declining, that will not disturb anyone before a big performance. Or a little performance for that matter.





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