Thanksgiving today

Oh man there are so many things going on in the world, across the Nation and at times, focusing on the smaller things in  life takes maybe hypnotism or another intense form of reprogramming just to remember ourselves as individuals with families and scenarios outside of this necessary rebellion. I speak from the rebel’s voice of course, one that has learned to go with the flow of the decentralized universal consciousness, the effects are phenomenal when in regard to what plays before us, before we realize the effects of our voices when chanting in unity however many levels of harmonics are present.

I have so much to give thanks for.

Who do I thank? I thank you, my sisters and brothers for being the same.

I thank the Higher Power that guides us all to Be.

What am I thankful for?

I am thankful for this very moment for me and for you right now.

Quite thankful for the Apples, Bianca & Blaise,

For my new grandson, River Dean Smith,

and for his grandchildren also mine.

IMG_0298 (1)I am thankful for the Beauty amongst us.


In our gardens and our seeds all grown and good within.

I am thankful for the Good Within

I am thankful to Belong to The Good Within.

I am thankful to be strong in the Good

and thankful those before me and after,

were, and are, as stable.

I am thankful that grievances amongsts us are placed in little importance and

Love unconditional placed at the top for all here to regard as priority.

Love Unconditional Priority.

And of course its a Divine Gratitude.

become an offering.


Happy Thanksgiving All

~ Yvonne



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