Deciding on the right theme

imagesMan, I just can’t get going here. I’m so DIYvonne that there’s got to be something I can do to speed this website building  process along. I’m just glad to have finally left godaddy with their little square templates.  There are so many great themes to choose from here but as soon as I decide on one, i run into something I don’t know about and I have to stop progress and learn something, and that’s cool except really, I don’t have time to learn new things. Basically, I want to be done and the site running. Most of you who know me know that I will work on something until it’s completed, or drop.
I’m getting frustrated. And this is where I start to lose ground. Really it’s been days that I have been browsing templates and trying to find the right layout that would be perfect for syncing up my entire ‘all over the place’ existence on the net. WordPress is pretty cool. I have sites here on wordpress. This is where I used to post my writings and ramblings ( I used to avoid the word blog. but now there’s no avoiding itsamsung-syncmaster

I did learn something new though: A ‘responsive theme’ is a template theme that when your site is viewed on any computer, it fits itself into the screen resolution of the device that is viewing it.

In other words, building your site on the screen resolution that is by stats considered ‘most common’ is a thing of the past with the /responsive’ theme because wherever you view your site whether on a mobile phone or your friend’s desktop 45′ Vizio HD TV screen, the theme responds to the dimensions and fills it… outstanding to say the least.






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