HEY hey!

So I finally got a little time to start working on my website. If you’re reading this, I know you understand that this new site is under construction. Might I add that I love WordPress and am so happy to have left godaddy, slow daddy, blowdaddy. If anyone out there has any suggestions, leave it here.It would be greatly appreciated.

I gotta tell you my plans for the future of this site. I am going to use it as the central hub for all I do here in virtual reality and here, in my physical reality, my realtime that I plan to share with you as much as possible.

WordBeat livestream coming soon

Here are a couple of works on the burners. WordBeat, the blogtalkradio podcast that I created in 2008 is going to move on up to another level of which is Livestream. I am setting the techs up now and its a process so stay tuned, we will launch with a kaboom so you’ll hear about it. The show has enjoyed a very large audience globally, as well as love from BTR by way of crowning me a featured host despite my Monday ‘mañana mañana’ scheduling and months long hiatus’. But livestreaming the show will be different in that I’ll also have the ability to CUT TO: spoken word & music videos via youtube in sync with google hangouts and livestream syncability. Syncability. I have my poetic license and you know what I mean.

Ok, that said, another plan is also being brewed technically and it’s a place for poetry outside of facebook. I just recently purchased a couple of domain names that will cater to us as poets and writers and all I can say is, with a little help from my friends, www.poetryexaminer.com is going to be the sweetest, most fun place to infiltrate and flood with our written works which we will share globally with other poets. I will also be putting up a poetry teaching course at the site where daring poets will post their work with an open mind for critique from some of the most experienced writers online. Sound good? Stay tuned.

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