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  • Yvonne's prose and poetry is written with honesty, feeling and humor, it is truly transcendent. No matter how many times I have read "Pony Boy, Fallen Angel" it moves me in a deeply profound way. She is remarkably insightful and generous with her soul to share these words with the world. Please read this book. It will change you. ~ Angela LaFlamme

Poet Yvonne de la Vega was born and raised in Los Angeles and her works embody the very spirit of the city. Her book “Tomorrow Yvonne – Poetry & Prose For Suicidal Egotists” on Punk Hostage Press is epic with poetry written from the 1980’s to 2012. A large book of a unique structure, it’s layout, illustrations and cover designed by de la Vega and fine

book-cover-widetuned by award winning layout master Chris Yeseta with it’s Foreword written by Ray Manzarek of The Doors who writes, “Read her and delight in a new, strong voice. Let her tell you of the golden days and diamond nights of Los Angeles.”, and, “Yvonne is the lucky little lady in the city of lights.” and, “And let us all warm ourselves with her word, her perceptions, her visions and her knowledge. I promise you one hell of a good time.”

 Yvonne has recorded spoken word with numerous great names in the music and recording industry, including tracks produced by Ray Manzarek of The Doors. She features on “Jump Street” with Herb Alpert, (A&M Records) a Spoken Word and hip hop single that showcases her poetry with Alpert’s music. de la Vega’s writings appear in a number of literary journals and collections. Her first invitation to become published was in Pearl Number 14 – Fall/Winter 1991, where she appears with Charles Bukowski.

In the “Hollywood Review”, she appears with Hubert Selby Jr., Michael C Ford, and Michael Lally just to name a few. She appears on Malcolm McClaren’s “Round The Outside, Round The Outside” album (Virgin Records), with a poem by Garcia Lorca. She has also appeared on several spoken word recordings that producer Harvey Kubernik produced for New Alliance Records, her recording peers consisting of Amiri Baraka, Michael McClure, Wanda Coleman and others.

Her voice is one of social consciousness, compassion and humor, and she often hails the beauty she finds in most every aspect of life, be it in the backyard of a suburban neighborhood, the winding roads of Mulholland Highway or in the eyes of a homeless person heralding prophesies from the corner of Hollywood and Highland. Her own past includes the loss of her family at a very young age which she claims was crucial in light of the poet’s walk or journey through life,

“Poets are given a very heavy dose of life experience in order to fulfill their life’s purpose, which is to transpose their tragedies or elations, circumstances, or all experiences, however dramatic, melancholy, painful, joyous or grievous, However catastrophic or serendipitously bemusing

Every turn, every social ascension or outcast, every reflection, every lone introspection, all and every new awareness gained within a poet’s life,  is a catalyst for the word, the poet is the ever moved and inspired conduit that is become the vehicle for a message to one person or one thousand people in search of, or anticipating some resolve or validation in their own life’s moments. A poem of 3 lines may have the same impact as a poem of 3 pages and when its delivered to any of those searching, it oftentimes mystically infuses an eye-widening new revelation, like divine enlightenment in sudden magic moments. These things regularly occur with poetry. It always has. This is the function and the duty of the poetry and the poet.  Yet, being aware of this shared impact is of little importance in the overall outcomes because whether the poet is aware of this “duty” or not, the poet will always produce poetry since according to one of my greatest literary influences, Sir Robert Graves says that, “Poets are born and not made.” The poetry will always have a mark to make somewhere at some time to someone. Always and Forever.”  -Yvonne de la Vega


Yvonne de la Vega is the witty and all inclusive host and creator of the popular Blogtalkradio (BTR) podcast ‘WORDBEAT’ which launched in April of 2008 along with co-host Milo Martin and later with poet/actor John Blyth Barrymore III. read more